Lois Chait

Lois Chait


Ms. Chait works with closely clients on changing their lifestyle through mindful eating.

Changing one’s eating style or food choices is not only about selecting different foods but looking at all aspects of your life that impacts your eating. Together we work to develop a nutritional plan unique to you and your lifestyle.. She teaches how to work with your diet on these issues to work on dealing with specific sensitivities, (Working with the FODMAP diet to determine these (sensitivities).

Mrs. Chait has been an active member and leader of the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as president, legislation and now reimbursement chair). She has been the distinguished dietitian for her state, and several other awards for her work.

I have an easy personal style that will help you make lifestyle changes through nutritional counseling that works.

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B.S. Dietetics and Nutrition, Hunter College, N.Y., N.Y. M.A. Nutrition, New York University. N.Y.,N. Y. M.B.A. C.W. Post, Long Island University


Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in Florida, Missouri and Georgia Certification Dietitian/Nutritionist in New York State Certified in Childhood Obesity by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


Concentrate on lifestyle changes in Mindful Eating (Member of the Center for Mindful Eating) Work with weight management, Crohns Disease, FODMAP training for individuals, Diabetes, and Pre-Diabetes. Cardiovascular Diseases including hypertension, MTHFR, and Elevated Cholesterol/Triglyceride levels.

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