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Care Model

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Our programs

Type 2 Diabetes
Reversal Program

No two type 2 diabetes patients are the same. And that
is why at Ciba Health we are focused on researching the
unique biochemistry of every patient. Learn more

Advanced Primary Care Program

Holistic, data-driven root-cause-based approach to your health to let you live your life to its fullest. Learn more

Prediabetes, Obesity & Weight Loss Program

Grab your insurance card and take the 1-minute survey to see if you qualify at no cost. Learn more

Depression & Anxiety Breakthrough Program

A holistic approach to mental health. Learn more

Digestive Health Program

A proven, evidence-based model that drives real outcomes. Learn more

Why Choose Ciba Health?

We research your biochemistry and create a health plan tailored to your unique body.
Predictive analytics We make data-driven decisions on every step of a patient’s journey.
A whole-body 360-degree approach to get to the root cause of your symptoms.
Remote Patient Monitoring Optimize your health plan with real-time data.
Personalized nutrition using food as medicine.
Personalized supplements based on individual labs and biometrics.

We are focused on researching the unique biochemistry of every patient, get to the rootcause of symptoms, reduce medications, prevent and reverse diseases, and let people live life to its fullest.

We have the ability to guide the patient journey from start to finish by providing a full-spectrum, integrated care under one platform. As employers and insurers fight fragmentation and solution overload, our portfolio of products offers a significant advantage to our ecosystem partners.

What is Ciba Health?

“ Had I known in the beginning how much benefit I’d
get from this program, I wouldn’t even have
questioned the cost. If you are on the fence, you should
definitely go for it. You will not regret it. ”

K.D, from Michigan

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