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The leader in whole-person care to prevent and reverse chronic disease

Ciba Health uses a root-cause medicine approach to address diabetes, cardiometabolic issues, digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, mental health challenges, and more. We blend deeply-personalized advanced lab testing, physician-led guidance, expert care team support, and easy-to-use technology to significantly improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and transform overall health…for life.

Our evidence-based approach focuses on treating the underlying cause of illness, rather than just symptoms alone. This clinically effective method considers biochemistry, medical history, environmental, and lifestyle factors to prevent and reverse many of the most common, complex, and costly conditions in healthcare.

We’re on a mission to reinvent healthcare—at its roots—and empower people to lead fulfilling lives.

Root-cause medicine focuses on treating the underlying cause of illness, rather than providing temporary fixes…

This evidence-based and clinically proven approach looks at the body as a whole, where every part and system affects every other part and system. This method succeeds because in identifying and treating the source of disease, a wide variety of factors are considered, including biochemistry, medical history, and environmental and lifestyle components. It goes beyond traditional medicine—where cookie-cutter treatments are recommended—to address an individual’s true problem, and their near-term and long-term health goals.

Root-cause medicine looks “under the hood” with in-depth testing and assessments to understand the foundation of illness

In going beyond quick fixes for symptoms, it prevents and reverses many of the most frustrating, painful, and time-consuming health issues in our lifetime.

Ciba Methodology brings together

Cardiometabolic Health

Cardiometabolic diseases, such as prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke affect a large portion of the population. Ciba Health takes a unique, deeply personalized approach to these high-cost conditions to reduce medication, and prevent and reverse disease. We also provide GLP-1 support and step-down programs for select populations.

Autoimmune Health

Autoimmune conditions can manifest for a variety of reasons, and symptoms can be challenging to control and predict. Ciba Health leans on clinical assessments to test for heavy metals and other imbalances in order to identify triggers, reduce symptoms, and work toward disease reversal.

Digestive Health

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s and celiac disease are just a few of the digestive health issues many people are diagnosed with. Symptoms are often dismissed and medication is used as a first line of treatment. As part of the Ciba Health journey, patients receive clinical labs— including gut microbiome and food sensitivity testing—to determine the cause of symptoms, and most importantly, the best path forward to reducing them.

Mental Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that 57.8 million adults live with some form of mental health condition. Ciba Health gets a 360-degree view of each person, and assesses the need for mental health support, connecting people to the right care at the right time.

Ciba Health
Where Transformation Begins
Ciba Health
Root-Cause Medicine
Ciba Health
Is High Touch
Ciba Health
Where Transformation Begins
Ciba Health
Root-Cause Medicine
Ciba Health
Is High Touch

High-Touch Approach

A dedicated team of licensed physicians, registered dietitians, and certified health coaches analyze
each patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and unique biochemistry to create a health plan.


Health Coach

Get started on your wellness journey with your first health coaching appointment. Discuss your goals, assess needs, develop a tailored plan and set yourself up for success.



As a leader of your care team, your physician will approve your health plan, deepen your understanding of the test results,and discuss potential lifestyle changes and treatments.


Health Plan

Your personalized health plan combines expert insights from your physician, health coach and dietitian guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle. It’s your roadmap to transformative health.



Your dietitian will help you assess your current eating habits and their impact on your health goals. You will work together to create an optimal nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle and ensure your success with the program.


Lab Tests

Advanced lab tests can provide valuable insight into your health status and help your care team develop effective treatment plans. By identifying underlying health issues and risks, these tests can help you take a proactive approach and make informed decisions.


Patient Engagement

The role of a Nurse Care Manager is to coordinate care across your healthcare team to ensure you receive the best possible support. Your Nurse Care Manager plays an essential role in helping you better navigate your health plan, schedule appointments and monitor your progress over time.



Personalized supplements are tailored to your unique needs, supporting your health plan and optimizing your wellness journey. You will get the exact dosage and combination of nutrients you need based on your unique biochemistry.


Behavioral Therapist

Meeting with a behavioral health specialist is an essential part of Ciba Health’s whole health appcoach. This session aids in addressing the mental and emotional aspects of health, enhancing your health journey.

Remote Patient


Remote patient monitoring ensures consistent oversight of your health progression, providing real-time data that contributes to the optimization of your wellness journey. You and your care team will have an opportunity to connect your health devices and monitor all your health data in one place.

High-Tech Delivery

We utilize cutting-edge technology, connected devices, and remote patient monitoring to equip
patients with the knowledge they need to achieve their health goals.

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Why patients love
Ciba Health?

A multidisciplinary team

Every patient meets with a double-board certified physician first.Then, a registered dietitian and certified health coach, who provide support and check-ins to ensure patients are making progress. This care team can keep tabs on patients thanks to AI-driven technology.

True tailored care

Starting with advanced labs means there’s no other option but to provide the most personalized treatment plan and lifestyle changes. We aim to meet people where they are, and bring them to where they want to be in life.

360-degree approach

The mind and body are exquisitely linked, meaning we look at the whole person to understand biochemistry, personal triggers, lifestyle habits, and potential root causes of symptoms and disease.

Devices that make a difference

We connect patients to devices that can track their blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep, fitness journey, and more so they gain insight into their own health behaviors and habits, and make changes at the right pace for them.

Ciba Health Impact

The paradigm shift in how we address chronic conditions translates into significant gains for the
companies we partner with, as well as, their users.


Chronic disease reversal


Program completion





NPS Score


Medication reduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ciba Health’s top three differentiators?

Clinical Rigor: We offer a physician-led care team for every participant. This means that everyone using our platform will have multiple 1:1 visits with a physician, registered dietitian, and certified health coach. We stand out with our personalized approach (using advanced labs, connected devices, personalized supplements, and more), and the fact that our program is not based on a one-size-fits-all diet (i.e. ketogenic diet) and is therefore much more sustainable.

Outcomes: First, we are able to enroll 50% of eligible participants. Secondly, we see about 75% of participants complete our 12-month program. Lastly, we achieve a 98% disease reversal rate among participants who complete our program, with an 85% reduction in medication.

Root-Cause Methodology: We use a whole-body care and root-cause medicine approach to not only manage, but reverse chronic conditions. By using a highly personalized approach with direct access and regular visits with physicians, dietitians, and health coaches, our methodology can be used to reverse a wide range of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, heart disease, autoimmune, depression, anxiety, and more. This means that we can help employers and health plans eliminate multiple vendors and reduce vendor confusion for members.

How does Ciba Health address social determinants of health?

Technology Access: Participants are able to access the program via desktop or mobile device, and can communicate with their care team through video, chat, email, and phone calls based on their preferences. Ciba Health includes virtual health equipment such as CGM, blood pressure cuff, digital scales, etc. and provides necessary guidance and training.

Offer technical and culturally-competent support: Ciba Health’s care team assists in the setup and use of technology, and ensures staff is culturally competent. Such support ensures effective remote patient monitoring and straightforward communications between the care team and patients.

Tailor intuitive and accessible user experiences: Ciba Health’s platform uses simple language, straightforward design, and simplified navigation adopted for all kinds of modalities and devices, from laptops to tablets to cell phones.

Provide accessible educational materials: Ciba Health publishes step-by-step instructional documents, visual workflows, and video tutorials that can help patients and staff smoothly navigate virtual encounters and educate consumers on online privacy and security.

Interpretation services: Ciba Health provides healthcare interpretation services to all patients who express the need.

Transportation Challenges: If members are unable to get to a lab site, we offer phlebotomists to deliver at-home labs.

What devices are supplied to members through the program?

Typically the devices provided will depend on the individual needs of the participant. However a CGM, digital scale, blood pressure cuff, activity tracker and sleep device are included in most instances

What does your onboarding experience look like?

We offer extensive onboarding support, including a welcome webinar, individual outreach, welcome kits and account setup assistance to provide a welcoming experience for new participants.

How does Ciba Heath monitor and measure customer satisfaction and quality assurance?

Ciba Health provides extensive reporting to our clients, including launch reports, ongoing engagement reports, quarterly progress reports, and bi-annual clinical progress reports. As part of that process we apply NPS at the beginning and end of the program.