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Become a leader in optimizing financial performance and outcomes

  • Offer a deeply-personalized benefit for those with common, complex, and costly health conditions
  • Prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiometabolic conditions
  • Give members an effective solution for achieving optimal whole-body health
  • Cut costs, and improve member engagement and satisfaction rates

What you and your members get with Ciba Health:

  • Proven outcomes for cardiometabolic health, type 2 diabetes, digestive and autoimmune conditions, and mental health challenges
  • Physician-led human-touch support throughout and for the long term
  • Advanced labs (up to 300 biomarkers), and expert interpretation and guidance
  • Data-driven insights and real-time monitoring so members can stay on track
  • No surprise fees

As a flexible solution Ciba
Health can be offered to your
population in several ways

A stand alone new or replacement solution to address a significant health trend in your population like diabetes, obesity or other specific chronic disease.

As a complement to targeted chronic disease programs already in place for those who need an alternative solution.

A wrap-around for your entire population who deserve a higher, more personalized standard of healthcare.



In hospitalisations, on average within 12 months



On average within 12 months



On average within 12 months

Driving Outcomes for Employers and Employees

Medication Usage

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Medical Usage



In medication usage, on average within 12 months



In medication adherence, on average within 12 months



In non CH specialists visits, on average within 12 months

Driving Outcomes for Employers and Employees


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NPS Score

On average within 12 months


Engagement Rate

On average within 12 months


Completion Rate

On average within 12 months

Driving Outcomes for Employers and Employees

Return on Investment



In healthcare costs, on average within 12 months

3:1 ROI

Within 2 years

On average within 12 months



In medication usage, on average within 12 month

Why health plans love Ciba Health?

PEMPM model

The ‘Pay per engaged member per month’ (PEMPM) model is value-driven, simple, and effective, covering the needs of providers and their patients.

Account management

We offer a dedicated account manager to work with your company.


We provide detailed company-wide reporting so you can track our impact.

AI analytics

AI-enabled predictive analytics & CDSS.

Why members love Ciba Health?

A multidisciplinary care team

We assess each patient’s personal and clinical state of health to provide tailored plans. No two journeys are the same.

360-degree medicine

A comprehensive 360-degree look at the whole person to understand personal triggers and the root cause of symptoms and disease.

Remote patient monitoring

We are optimizing health plans with real-time data.

Multidisciplinary team

Every patient is assigned a dedicated care team that includes a licensed physician, a registered dietitian, and a certified health coach.

Breaking Health Equity

Comprehensive Patient Education

Our care team dedicates time to thoroughly educate members about their symptoms and conditions during visits that can last up to 75 minutes.

Health Coaching for Self-Care

Trained health coaches identify and address gaps in members’ self-care education, ensuring consistent follow-up and provision of necessary resources.

Culturally Competent Care

Our team is equipped to address the unique mental and physical health challenges of diverse demographic groups, offering care in members’ preferred languages or through translation services.

Convenient Care Options

Members can utilize at-home test kits and mobile phlebotomists when feasible, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Family Focused Care

Children as young as five years old have access to our comprehensive cardiometabolic pediatric program, ensuring early intervention and personalized care for every child.

Personalized Health Plans

Members receive personalized exercise, movement, and nutrition plans tailored to their environmental circumstances, enhancing effectiveness and sustainability.

Community Support

Community-focused approach, where peer support and social connections play integral roles in promoting health and well-being.

Addressing Social Stressors

Our care team recognizes and addresses social stressors impacting members’ mental and physical health, and provide guidance to mitigate their effects and improve overall health outcomes.