Rapid and sustained Rx cost reduction

Our approach restores metabolic health while actually eliminating the need for expensive prescription medications. No tradeoffs required.


$9,591 savings per participating member


Key Insights and comorbidities

  • 78% of members have seen sleep quality improve to optimal levels based on their Oura ring scores.
  • Average number of symptoms per member have decreased to 2 (symptoms are becoming less severe).
  • Medication utilization has decreased for 85% of program members (doses are lowering or no longer needed).
  • 98% of patients saw improvement in comorbidities like hypertension, sleep apnea, and obesity.

Health Summary

0 %

of patients saw improvement in comorbidities like hypertension, sleep apnea, and obesity.

A1C: 0 %

reduction on average

Weight loss 0 lbs

reduction on average


2 points improvement on average

Oura Sleep Score 0 %

of members have seen sleep quality improve to optimal levels

Medication usage 0 %

reduction on average

Ciba Health easily integrates with your business

Commercial Fully Insured

  • Deliver a transformational clinical solution

    Ciba Health`s physicians complement PCP care, and are licensed to practice in many states

  • Address high cost pharmacy spend

    Deliver transformative outcomes to the 40% of members with diabetes on high cost drugs.

  • Scale to your full membership

    Ciba Health offers the infrastructure of an enterprise-grade vendor and can support massive, nationwide implementations.


Percent of commercial members with diabetes who are on high-cost Rx

Ciba Health quickly and sustainably reduces the need for prescription medications, and can drastically lower Rx claims from members


  • Deliver breakthrough outcomes

    Employers are blown away by Ciba Health clinical and economic impact, with more than 98% of patients achieving type 2 diabetes reversal

  • Unlock a new lever for cost savings

    Many employers have already tried diabetes management or prevention; reversal is a completely new avenue.

  • Win and retain more business

    Employers agree that Ciba Health represents the next generation of chronic disease management


Percent achieving reversal

More than half of ASO patients who are with Ciba Health for one year achieve diabetes reversal—lowering blood glucose below the diabetes threshold while removing all diabetes-specific medications.

Medicare Advantage

  • A proven solution for the Medicare population

    Ciba Health achieves diabetes reversal rates of 60% within the 65+ population

  • Tackle diabetes and related co-morbidities

    Ciba Health addresses both direct costs of diabetes as well as related risk factors such as cardiovascular health.

  • Support members who need it most

    Diabetes prevalence in Medicare is 2x the rest of the population, and Medicare patients often lack access to specialty diabetes care.


Diabetes prevalence in Medicare population, compared to entire population

Medicare patients are particularly hard-hit by the diabetes epidemic. Ciba Health provides a solution to get Medicare patients healthy—and off of expensive prescription medications.

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