The Ciba Team

Innocent Clement
Innocent Clement Founder and Chief Executive Officer More details
Roger Chahine
Roger Chahine Chief Strategy and Operating Officer More details
Kienan Clute Direcor of Client Success More details
Nathan Cress Business Development Lead More details
Emily Kohutic Registered Nurse More details
Sandy Lê
Sandy Lê Medical Director More details
Rachel McGrath
Rachel McGrath Director of Patient Care and Engagement More details
Helen Messier
Helen Messier Chief Clinical and Scientific Officer More details
Markyia Nichols​
Markyia Nichols​ Chief Medical Officer​ More details
Ilya Pavlov
Ilya Pavlov Chief Product Officer More details
Leila Quinn​
Leila Quinn​ Chief Marketing Officer More details
Michael Tomback
Michael Tomback Vice President of Sales More details

Some of Our Providers

Christine Barlet National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach More details
Bert Atienza Bert Atienza More details
Lois Chait
Lois Chait Dietitian/Nutritionist More details
Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach More details
Katie Janeczek
Katie Janeczek Dietitian/Nutritionist More details
Linda Lynch
Linda Lynch Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach More details
Ann Meyer
Ann Meyer Medical Doctor  More details
Mark Owolabi
Mark Owolabi Medical Doctor More details
Audra Rectenbaugh
Audra Rectenbaugh Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach More details
Leah Tsui
Leah Tsui Dietitian/Nutritionist More details
Melonni Dooley Naturopathic Physician More details
Shane Jhooty Board Certified Family Physician (MD) More details

Advisory Board

Najam Sheikh Strategic advisor More details
Sharon Williams Strategic Adviser More details
Tom Blue
Tom Blue Strategic Adviser More details
Sonja Horner
Sonja Horner Strategic Adviser More details
Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee Strategic Adviser More details
Nada Zaidan
Nada Zaidan Strategic Adviser More details
Mustfa Manzur Strategic Adviser More details

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