Success Stories

Bernadette, Delaware

“This is my 7th day doing the “reset”! I feel great! I’ve even lost 6 lbs. I’m finding the suggested recipes are fantastic! … One other point to mention, I stopped using Nexium since I’ve been on the detox and I feel great. I am digesting my food so much better! Imagine how I’ll feel at the end of 30-days!”


” I came into the program with some rough (and scary) digestive issues that had me at a level 10 with anxiety, discomfort, and worry. But I felt fully supported every step of the way. I’ve dropped 12 pounds and I am now out of the woods with my digestive issues, feeling TONS BETTER, and my eating habits & nutritional knowledge truly make me feel empowered “

Natasha P.

“I just want to thank you for being instrumental in getting me connected with the freestyle Libre and with the scale and BP cuff. My A1c has been great at 5.3-5.5. I’ve lost 24lbs with the help of the monitors you sent and my endocrinologist help. The labs that were drawn were helpful. I am still on jardiance and ozempic but A1c is great! I might though have to reduce my meds due to some low blood sugar’s but isn’t that great?”

Patti P.

“I’m glad for the program and the coaches. I’m learning a lot of new things about diabetes. Even though I have been diabetic for about 24 years. I also like having experts to answer to and to give me the correct information. I like the functional medical approach to help to address the issues. I am very glad to have a functional medicine base for these changes & the equipment to help. This program has given me the incentive and support, the correct technological information and eating plans that work.”


“My wife and I are so grateful to have found Ciba Health! We were able to learn a lot about our health with the guidance of their functional medicine and nutrition team. Additionally, and in contrast to our regular PCP’s approach, we’re no longer merely addressing symptoms as they emerge, but intentionally working towards optimal health, so as to avoid symptoms from ever developing in the first place. We’ve been referring friends and family to Ciba Health and can’t thank them enough!”

Jennifer, CT

“Had I known in the beginning how much benefit I’d get from this program, I wouldn’t even have questioned the cost. If you are on the fence, you should definitely go for it. You will not regret it.”

D.S, Maine

“Just wanted to let you know that the “rheumatoid” numbers are negative! I never thought I’d be able to cure an autoimmune disease but it’s gone!! I feel so grateful that I found functional medicine and you. I’m happier, I feel good in my body and I have so much more energy! Thank you!”

J.Y, Pennsylvania

“Most importantly for me is having regained my energy, positivity for life and my overall health. My stress is way down and I know how to catch it before it grasps me by using simple techniques that I can easily incorporate into my day. I also feel that now have the support that I need
to continue this lifestyle”​

L.M. Maryland

“Hello, I just wanted to send you an update on my condition. I’ve been sleeping like a baby :-). No issues at all. I just want to thank you for your help. I’m finally off all the drugs and don’t need anything falling asleep or staying asleep! I tried getting my friend to pay you a visit (she has thyroid problem). But she is stuck on modern medicine and can’t think outside the box. It’s too bad because she is on a lot of medication. Well if I ever have any issues in the future, I know who to call!”

Heather, private patient

“Before seeing Dr. Kyia, I was on over 15 different medications for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. These were barely keeping my symptoms under controland I was getting sicker every year. My primary doctor told me that I was goingto have to stay on these prescriptions for my whole life! I knew there had to be abetter way. Dr. Kyia put me on a complete detox and within a month…literally 1month…I was sleeping better and a lot of my pain had gone away. I stuck withthe plan because it was working better than anything I had ever experiencedand I can now say that I only take 2 prescriptions, I have more energy that I caneven remember having and I’ve lost a lot of weight in the process. I went fromno hope and thinking I was going to be on medication forever to feeling happy,only 2 medications and feeling myself again within 6 months! If you have anydoubts, leave them at the door and join this program…you won’t regret it! Thank you Dr. Kyia”

K.B, Indiana

“I lost 1bs in 30 days on the detox and cleanse. I was pre diabetic and my anibodies were high along with thyroid issues and brain fog. Within a few days of starting the program I felt fantastic. I thought it would be hard, but the positive results made easy to stick to. I have continued to follow what I learned and I am so thankful for a reversal of prior symptoms. I have even been able to reduce my thyroid medication”

J.S Maryland

“I had a lot of digestive issues: pain, gas, bloating for a long time. Had negative colonoscopy and endoscopy and my GI doc was baffled, so I was placed on meds. My symptoms continued until I started the cleanse and reset to fix myleaky gut. I am now a very happy camper!! All my symptoms are gone and i have actually gained weight which has always been hard for me to do. I have also been freed from my sugar addiction which was contributing to my RA flares. I am recuperating from hip replacement surgery and have been off my meds for my RA for four weeks. I’m hoping I can stay off of them since this is the longest I’ve gone without them and so far no flares J.S”

A.H. Maryland

“I went to see Dr. Nichols a few weeks ago for severe mood and energy disturbances related to my monthly cycle. Dr. Nichols “prescribed” a nutrition approach to my problem and suggested numerous herbal therapies to try. I have noticeable improvement in my sleep and ability to concentrate. After almost 15 years of suffering, I now think I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!”

Colleen B.

“This is my 7th day doing the “reset”! I feel great! I’ve even lost 6 lbs. I’m finding the suggested recipes are fantastic! … One other point to mention, I stopped using Nexium since I’ve been on the detox and I feBeing a Mom of 3 young kids, I was wanted to lose the baby weight and make a lifestyle change so I’d be healthy and have the energy to be the most active participant in the kids’ childhood as I could be. The biggest hurdle to start was what I thought was going to be an overwhelmingly daunting and slow process. With Dr. Kyia’s help, the program and nutritional education were made easy and I was able to start the very next week by making the decision to commit!
In just 28 days, I had lost 11 lb and multiple inches!”

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