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An easy-to-work-
with solution
for preventing and reversing chronic disease

  • Provide an answer for tackling common, complex, and costly health conditions
  • Take comfort in guaranteed patient outcomes and an emphasis on value-based care
  • Offer a proven root-cause medicine solution to address multiple conditions 
  • Identify cost-savings opportunities and help unload the need for other healthcare resources  

What You and Your Patients Get
With Ciba Health:

  • Proven outcomes for diabetes, cardiometabolic health, and digestive and autoimmune conditions
  • Physician-led human-touch support throughout and for the long term
  • Unified and comprehensive whole-body care based on patient needs and preferences
  • Advanced labs—done in office or at home—and expert interpretation and guidance
  • No surprise fees
Driving Outcomes for Employers and Employees

Clinical Outcomes

As a flexible solution, Ciba Health can be offered to your clients in several ways:

  • As a standalone or replacement solution to address diabetes, obesity, or other chronic conditions
  • To complement targeted chronic disease programs already in place for those who need a root-cause solution
  • As a wrap-around approach for patients who need true personalized care and high-touch care
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In hospitalisations, on average within 12 months



On average within 12 months



On average within 12 months

Driving Outcomes for Employers and Employees

Medication Usage

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Medical Usage



In medication usage, on average within 12 months



In medication adherence, on average within 12 months



In non CH specialists visits, on average within 12 months

Driving Outcomes for Employers and Employees


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NPS Score

On average within 12 months


Engagement Rate

On average within 12 months


Completion Rate

On average within 12 months

Driving Outcomes for Employers and Employees

Return on Investment



In healthcare costs, on average within 12 months

3:1 ROI

Within 2 years

On average within 12 months



In medication usage, on average within 12 month

Why benefits consultants and brokers love Ciba Health

PEMPM model

The ‘pay per engaged member per month’ (PEMPM) model is value-driven, simple, effective, and affordable. There are no hidden or add-on costs.

Account management

It’s easy to partner with Ciba. We offer a dedicated account manager to work closely with every employer.


Regular detailed company-wide reporting gives employers the ability to track the impact of Ciba.

AI analytics

Medical decision-making with targeted clinical knowledge is enhanced thanks to AI-enabled predictive analytics and CDSS.

Why clients love Ciba Health

A multidisciplinary care team

Every patient meets with a double-board certified physician first. Then, a registered dietitian and certified health coach, who provide support and check-ins to ensure patients are making progress. This care team can keep tabs on patients thanks to AI-driven technology.

True tailored care

Starting with advanced labs means there’s no other option but to provide the most personalized treatment plan and lifestyle changes. We aim to meet people where they are, and bring them to where they want to be in life.

360-degree medicine

The mind and body are exquisitely linked, meaning we look at the whole person to understand biochemistry, personal triggers, lifestyle habits, and potential root causes of symptoms and disease.

Devices that make a difference

We connect patients to devices that can track their blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep, fitness journey, and more so they gain insight into their own health behaviors and habits, and make changes at the right pace for them.

Ciba is working with benefits brokers and consultants who want to deliver guaranteed outcomes to their clients

All-Inclusive Pricing

The cost of the Ciba Health program includes all elements of our delivery model – from visits with physicians, dietitians, and health coaches to advanced labs, digital devices, personalized supplements, and food delivery service.

Flexible Value-Based Models

We have a range of flexible pricing options to choose from based on your needs, including outcomes-based, pay for performance, and per engaged member per month.

On-Demand Reporting

We provide extensive reporting, including launch reports, ongoing engagement reports, quarterly progress reports, and bi-annual clinical reports. As part of that process we apply NPS at the beginning and end of the program.