A Mindful Minute: Monthly Tips to Better Your Mental Health 

A Mindful Minute: Monthly Tips to Better Your Mental Health 

Improving mental health doesn’t have to mean regular therapy appointments or sitting cross-legged on a cushion meditating. 

Sometimes, bettering your mental health means making small manageable changes in your daily thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

That’s why every month, we’re going to bring you quick tips to tend to your mental health in the workplace, at home, or anywhere else life may take you. 

Small reminders that make a big difference:

  • Give yourself permission not to have all the answers. Adopt a learning mindset.
  • Take a moment to check-in and ask yourself what you need right now. What you need today could be different from yesterday, and that’s okay.
  • Things to let go of: perfectionism, people-pleasing, comparing yourself to others, negative self-talk, body shaming, unrealistic expectations.
  • Step back from one-sided relationships. It can conserve your energy in many different ways.
  • There will always be someone doing more than you. It’s not proof you aren’t doing enough.
  • Disable your phone notifications on occasion.
  • Befriend the people who are making the same kinds of health changes as you.
  • You will not be for everyone. Everyone will not be for you. And, that’s okay.
  • Take a few minutes to unsubscribe from some email.
  • Feelings aren’t facts. They can give us information about ourselves and move us to action. But, you don’t always have to believe them.
  • It’s okay to limit the time you spend around people who drain you. 
  • Your life is more than solving other people’s problems.
  • Try not to wait around for the perfect time to start. You might be bypassing “good enough” opportunities that could turn into great opportunities. 
  • It’s okay to rest when you need it, not just when you’ve “earned it.”
  • You can be helpful even if you don’t have all the answers. 
  • The routines you maintain during a crisis can become the ropes you use to pull yourself through it.
  • It’s okay to try out changes in secret first. 
  • In a culture that values productivity at all costs, it makes sense if you tend to underestimate how much recovery time you need. Take more time than you think.
  • If someone or something makes you feel rejuvenated after being with them, give them more of your time.

We’ll see you again next month for another Mindful Minute! 

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