Referral program

Any current patient who invites a friend to Ciba Health gets one free appointment with any provider after their friend purchases a membership or program package. The invited friend gets one free appointment with any provider.

Benefits for Both of You

Sign in to your account for your personalized link and share it with friends.
Once they book their first appointment, you both get free appointments with provider!

Rewarding Commissions

Get reward for every new friend.

Simple and Free

Anyone can participate.

Personalized Dashboard

Share, monitor and track your referrals all in one place.

How It Works

What Ciba Health Can Do for You

Reverse chronic health conditions by getting to the root cause of the issue.

Make you feel heard by your doctor, who spends up to 60 minutes with you.

Create a custom eating, activity, and mindfulness plan to optimize your health.

Heal underlying inflammation, stress, and toxins that are making you unwell.

Provide a board-certified physician, dietitian, and health coach to keep you accountable on your health journey.