August 30

Ciba Health Partners with Stonebrook Risk Solutions to provide access to chronic disease reversal to millions of Americans.

August 30

Ciba Health Partners with Stonebrook Risk Solutions to provide access to chronic disease reversal to millions of Americans.

New York, 08/30/2013 – Ciba Health, a global innovator in digital health and value-based care has announced a partnership with Stonebrook Risk Solutions. This collaboration aims to deliver access to Ciba Health’s comprehensive chronic disease reversal solutions to potentially millions of Americans suffering from chronic conditions, revolutionizing the way chronic conditions are treated and managed.

Ciba Health is known for its personalized approach to healthcare, utilizing cutting-edge technology and a whole-person health methodology to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic conditions effectively. With a range of root-cause programs addressing type 2 diabetes, digestive health, obesity, depression and anxiety, and advanced primary care, Ciba Health is focused on addressing the underlying causes of diseases rather than just managing symptoms.

Stonebrook Risk Solutions is building an integrated platform  for health plans and TPA’s as an alternative to the large national  health plans. Stonebrook’s digital platform allows best-in-class providers, such as Ciba Health, to connect  via API and combine their services into compelling offerings that aim to reverse the trend of rising health care costs while drastically improving outcomes. By offering employers, brokers, and consultants a higher quality option, Stonebrook aims to disrupt the industry and provide superior care with better options and better pricing. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Stonebrook Risk Solutions in our shared mission to transform chronic disease care,” said Dr. Innocent Clement, CEO of Ciba Health. “By integrating our comprehensive chronic disease reversal solutions with Stonebrook’s innovative approach, we aim to revolutionize healthcare delivery and empower employers and individuals to take control of their healthcare options like never before”. 

By harnessing the power of data from medical history, labs, and connected devices, Ciba Health’s proprietary methodology enables a personalized and whole-person approach to healthcare. Each patient is assigned a dedicated team of providers – including health coaches, dietitians, and physicians – who work collaboratively to create personalized health plans and provide ongoing support. Through the partnership with Stonebrook, Ciba Health will provide advanced chronic disease solutions to a broader population at risk. 

“Stonebrook’s goal is to organize a best-in-class team of partners all of whom focus on medical management and controlling the cost of the care.” said Mark Angard, Chief Executive Officer of Stonebrook Risk Solutions. “With its unique chronic disease reversal approach, Ciba Health represents the best example of a cost containment company that adds value to the ecosystem bringing valuable savings to our clients and members of the health plan. Additionally, Ciba Health’s responsiveness and willingness to join our ecosystem have made it a positive business opportunity for both sides”.

For more information about Ciba Health and its revolutionary chronic disease reversal solutions, visit their website at []. To learn more about Stonebrook Risk Solutions and their integrated national health plan, please visit [].

Ciba Health Ciba Health is a global digital health and value-based care platform focused on preventing, treating, and reversing chronic conditions through a whole-person health approach. Their cutting-edge technology and personalized programs empower individuals to take control of their health, reverse chronic diseases and improve overall well-being.

Stonebrook Risk Solutions Stonebrook Risk Solutions is building an integrated national health plan as an alternative to traditional providers, offering superior care and better pricing. Their innovative approach aims to disrupt the industry by creating a cohesive ecosystem that integrates best-in-class providers and delivers compelling healthcare solutions to employers, brokers, and consultants.

Please note: The information provided in this press release is based on the context and sources available at the time of writing. Any specific details or updates regarding the partnership between Ciba Health and Stonebrook Risk Solutions should be obtained from official announcements or by contacting the respective organizations directly.

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