Helen Messier

Chief Clinical and Scientific Officer


Dr. Helen Messier’s focus is on closing the translational gap using a data-driven healthcare model. This real-time translation of precision medicine integrates multi-omics technologies and applies them directly in clinical care, allowing patients with complex chronic disease to actively benefit from innovative biomedical technologies.

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Dr. Messier received a bachelor of science (hons.) in genetics and a PhD in molecular immunology from the University of Alberta. She completed post-doctoral studies at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in San Diego, CA, received her MD from the University of Calgary, and is certified in family medicine. She founded a series of national concierge practices, served as a medical director, genomics, at HLI, and was CMO of Viome.

Her strong scientific and medical background is combined with a passion for helping people realize their optimal level of health and in teaching others to apply complex molecular data to the care of individuals.

Dr. Messier is currently at Altum Medical, a center that provides deep dive medical care, and is the founder of Medical Intelligence Learning Labs Inc., a company that is creating a platform to enable every doctor to be “the best” doctor by capturing the clinical wisdom from every medical encounter so it can be accessed by the larger medical community.

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