June 02

Revolutionary Approach to Healthcare: The Case of Reversing Obesity and Related Chronic Diseases

June 02

Revolutionary Approach to Healthcare: The Case of Reversing Obesity and Related Chronic Diseases

The US healthcare system spends almost $173 billion annually on obesity-related costs, making it a priority issue for the healthcare sector. Over the past few years, the healthcare sector has been heavily focused on creating and promoting drugs for diabetes and weight loss. Despite the massive amount of capital invested in these drugs, healthcare expenses have continued to increase, and adverse side effects from inadequate treatments are becoming more widespread. As a result, there has been a growing recognition that these solutions do not address the root causes of weight gain and chronic disease, nor do they offer sustainable, long-lasting solutions for individuals struggling with these conditions.

Instead of investing in expensive drugs, employers and healthcare plans are increasingly prioritizing helping people target the underlying reasons for their weight gain and chronic disease. This requires a personalized, precision-based approach that considers each person’s unique biology and lifestyle. Ciba Health’s root-cause methodology is a prime example of such an approach, utilizing precision medicine, cutting-edge technologies, such as AI to create tailored care plans and lifestyle strategies that address the underlying causes of cellular dysfunction.

This approach eliminates or reduces the need for medications and lowers the costs and side effects associated with these drugs, resulting in significant cost savings for employers and payers. 

While medications can provide relief to those who truly need it, over-reliance on medication can actually exacerbate chronic conditions and cause additional health problems. Thus, there is a growing trend among employers and payers to encourage the population to reverse their chronic conditions utilizing the whole-health, root-cause approach before turning to medications.  

One example of this growing trend is the use of Ciba Health’s “Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program” and “Prediabetes, Obesity and Weight Loss Program” as prior authorization to accessing medication. This means that in order to be authorized to use costly medications that fail to address the root cause of the disease, patients must first enroll in and complete a root-cause program that has a success rate of 98% in reversing the conditions and associated weight issues without medication. 

Employers and payers can enjoy financial cost-effectiveness without compromising employee or members access to the care they need. With Ciba Health’s sustainable and effective care solutions, everyone comes out ahead.

It’s time to take a stand against skyrocketing healthcare costs and the growing prevalence of obesity and chronic conditions. As more patients, employers and health plans embrace a whole-health, root-cause approach, it becomes evident that addressing the underlying causes of diseases in a holistic manner will achieve long-term success, cut costs and improve health outcomes. Join Ciba Health in promoting this life-changing approach and contributing to a healthier future for all.

Learn more about the Ciba Health’s Prediabetes, Obesity and Weight Loss Program.

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