Sharon Williams

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Sharon Williams is a Management Consultant and Healthcare executive. She has extensive experience working with healthcare payers, providers and managed care organizations in the development and evaluation of healthcare delivery and reimbursement systems, healthcare compliance programs, healthcare reform options and healthcare data analysis.  

As a senior executive for several health plans, she was responsible for the overall operations of the health plan, including strategic direction, network and reimbursement, and administration for all existing programs and the development of new programs to ensure goals and objectives were met or exceeded.

Sharon is an innovative leader adept at building teams who have the ability to think creatively and design profitable organizational changes.  She has a keen understanding of customer needs and optimal work environment to allow maximum performance from employees.  She specializes in policy leadership in family, health, organization operations, anti-violence, early childhood and economic growth.

Ms. Williams holds a double Masters’ degrees from the University of Chicago in Public Policy and Health Administration. She has completed competitive Policy Management Institutes at Carnegie Mellon and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. 

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