How To Set Mini-Goals And Shift Your Habits

Are you achieving your goals? Did you make resolutions or set goals for this year and feel you’re falling behind?

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Trouble Sleeping? How to treat insomnia

Having trouble falling and staying asleep? Here’s how to break free from your insomnia naturally and get deeper sleep each night

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Feeling stressed out? Chronic stress signs, symptoms, and management

Constantly feeling stressed out? Here are the signs and symptoms of chronic stress, and what you can do to manage your stress and feel better

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Immunity booster: Gut health & probiotics

Compromised immune system? Here’s what to do. The first step in strengthening your immune system and protecting your body from viruses and bacteria is optimizing your gut health. That’s right, gut health has a huge impact on our immune systems. How are gut health and the immune system related? About 70% of the immune system’s […]

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Metabolic Flexibility or Keto? Type 2 Diabetes answers

Many doctors advocate for the keto diet to treat type 2 diabetes, but sticking to a strictly no-carb diet can be difficult in the long run.

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Chronic stress, anxiety and fatigue: What you need to know

If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, acute stress, or extreme anxiety, you may also notice feeling tired and exhausted.

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Functional, Holistic, Integrative, or Naturopathic Medicine?

Tell us a bit about yourself, your medical background, and how you found your way to Ciba Health. My name is Sandy Le and I’m one of the Medical Directors of Ciba Health, on the West Coast. Since we’re national, we have West and East regions. I’m a naturopathic doctor. I went to UCLA for […]

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